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Infant massage at the Achievement Centers for Children

Kristine Snell, MSW, LISW-S, CEIM and Vice President of Infant Massage USA is also the Coordinator for the Early Childhood Mental Health Program at the Achievement Centers for Children. In this video, she explains how the Achievement Centers for Children apply infant massage is taught by a certified instructor to parents with their young babies.

The parents are taught nurturing touch, strategies and strokes to help support the child's overall development, as well as attuning the parent-child relationship.

Infant Massage Explained at Utah University

Sunrise Sessions at Utah University: On June 8, 2012, Vonda Jump, an IAIM International Trainer of Infant Massage & Research Scientist at Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services gave a talk at Utah University about the benefits and applications of infant massage.

First Time Fathers: A candid view of their experiences | Mary Kay Keller | TEDxTallahassee

What have we been doing in our society that doesn’t encourage fathers to step up? Research has been conducted about the bond between mothers and their babies, but one important piece has been neglected. Mary Kay explores the reasons as to why fathers have been left out and how they can regain their connection with their newborns.

Mary Kay Keller is an author, advisor, educator, field researcher and speaker. She has worked in public service for the prevention of child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health as an administrator, project director and an executive director for over 20 years. Mary Kay earned a Doctorate in Human Sciences from Florida State University, a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Utah and undergraduate degrees from Weber State University, all with honors. Mary Kay teaches educational classes online and provides advising services on the topics of: career and education development, dating and family relationships, and parenting.

The Benefits, Purpose and Goals of Infant Massage USA

Linda Storm, Executive Director of Infant Massage USA, shares the importance of infant massage for newborns and the purpose and goals of the program.

Infant Massage Humanitarian Efforts in Haiti

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the people were struggling for basic survival. Because of the stress, parents were less responsive to their babies. This was causing both physical and emotional problems for the babies, to the point some babies were struggling to survive.

CEMEA, a Haiti Education Association, and Naturopaths Without Borders asked JoAnn Lewis and Jody Wright, Infant Massage USA® Trainers, and Vonda Jump (Trainer Candidate and Researcher) to provide two Infant Massage Trainings in Haiti. During these two trainings 60 health and social service workers were trained to become Certified Infant Massage Instructors.

Once trained and certified, these workers took infant massage back to their towns and villages in the 10 regions of Haiti with the goal of teaching infant massage to thousands of parents.

Saving Haiti's Babies Through Infant Massage
Infant Massage class in Haiti

Two Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs) worked in Haiti. In the photo to the left, Valerie Noisette, CIMI, who works with CEMEA, hosted an infant massage class. Many more parents arrived for the classes than could participate. Parents showed a tremendous interest in attending classes.

In the photo to the right, parents who couldn't participate in the classes remained to observe and learn as much as they could. The desire to save their babies through infant massage was remarkable.

Haiti Parents Observing Infant Massage Class

Wilmington University's Mary Kay Keller Discusses Infant Massage

In the following two data sheets, Mary Kay Keller, MPA, PhD of Wilmington University provides a critical review of the benefits of infant massage as well as the experiences of fathers in its application based on research.

Compassion for Our Own

Dear Trainers,

Alice's daughter is one of our Trainers, Suzanne P. Reese. To honor her mother's memory, Suzanne requested a humanitarian fund be established in her mother's name. If you feel moved to help Infant Massage USA establish education and training services in Armenia, please consider a donation.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Alice Gleria Armenia Fund with Infant Massage USA. Your donation will honor Alice's Armenian heritage and exclusively be used in designated humanitarian efforts to bring education and training in infant massage to foster nurturing and compassionate touch practices for healthy parent-infant bonding and healthy infant growth and development to families in need in Armenia. Infant Massage USA is a 501c3 Non-profit organization.

Please make checks payable to Infant Massage USA and post "Alice Gleria" on the memo line of the check and mail to: Infant Massage USA 905 Main Street, Grafton, OH 44044 USA. Thank you.

Alice Reese

Support Infant Massage USA

Infant Massage USA will continue to be there whenever we can assist parents in situations that may seem insurmountable for their children. We will use every available resource to ensure that no babies are neglected, that no parent-child bond is torn asunder by disaster. But we need your help.

Your donations to Infant Massage USA make efforts like ours in Haiti possible. Let's make sure together that, if it happens again, no parent has to sit on the side and observe-- let's make sure that they all get to learn these invaluable techniques for infant massage.

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Members in the News

Some of our CEIMs (Certified Educators of Infant Massage), Trainers and Board Members have been in the news lately because of the growing recognition of the important work they do with infant massage and all the wonderful benefits it brings to babies and their families.

One of our Certified Educators of Infant Massage, Christine Stauffer of Grand Rapids, MI, was recently interviewed by local TV news station Wood TV8. Watch it here!

See this article originally published in Michigan State University's Extension about the Benefits of Infant Massage, by Holly Tiret

The Benefits of Infant Massage

See this article originally published in The Lancaster Source about Justine Tutuska, Infant Massage USA Board Member and Assistant Professor at Daemen College:

The perfect touch- Connecting parents with baby

Justine Tutuska